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I carry slowly downward with me everywhere too! but I just want to write it directly onto walls. My basement walls, mostly. Just white walls. Or even if I had walls made of whiteboard. It’s stupid because I can only write on a laptop. I don’t know hm

you could always write on the laptop, print it out, and then wheatpaste it to walls. Wheatpaste, as far as I know, isn’t illegal anywhere (although cops probably wouldn’t like to actually see you doing it) because it doesn’t damage any property and will biodegrade after some time. So if you used non-toxic or natural inks (Which you can get but are expensive) and recycled paper, it would be pretty environmentally friendly. I will probably try wheatpasting little things here and there around town this year, because it would be a good thing for me, I think. Don’t know what yet, though. Probably everything from drawings to little sayings to radiohead lyrics.

I still withhold that one day we’ll have some sort of bizarre artist commune out in the middle of nowhere and you can have your own walls that you can write all over all you want