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I wish my mind worked in books but it really doesn’t. The idea of things I make being put into a book is rather strange, although I do like it. I feel like they should be put on walls instead, though.

this reminds me of a few things

firstly, have you ever heard of the artist know hope? not all of his stuff is writing, most of it is just his characters, but I love the idea of wheatpasting writing on walls:

I’m also thinking of part of the introductions in Slowly Downward, the most recent edition (which I do carry around everywhere with me)

Probably these stories should be printed on small pieces of paper and left blu-tacked inside telephone booths with all the other prostitutes’ cards.

Slender story, new in town,

willing to service bored visitors.”

I think in books because I love letterpress and bookbinding, but they aren’t… traditional books, I don’t think. It will be interesting once all these ideas are done floating around in my head and end up in the physical plane.